El Cid

Trevethian Island's major domo


Fighter 4/ Expert 4 (Mercantile protection and spying)


El Cid grew up in the Sultanate of Shaukel, 5th son of a small importer of smoked red herring. As a young man he trained in arms and was hired by the Maturrens, a Brestalcia merchant family to guard its caravan of wines and unguents on the long journey to Tulk. Esteban Maturren took a liking to the keen young man and entrusted him with many secrets of the business. In the guise of mere merchant’s muscle El Cid was able to learn a great deal to his employer’s benefit.

Earlier this year Esteban informed El Cid that he would be working under the eldest son of the Maturren family, a dim and arrogant 2o year old named Darius. Insulted and ignored one too many times by the condescending young puppy, El Cid decided to leave the Maturrens’ service and seek new employment. Les Cinq seem the perfect employers to allow him to stretch his muscles – literally and figuratively.

El Cid

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