Daniel Wood

Farmhand and lay deacon for Trevethian Island.


Daniel grew up on Trevethian Island, where he worked on his uncle’s wheat farm. While he served his family faithfully in all things agricultural, he was always a thoughtful and spiritual young man whose true interests lay in theology. During the long period where the island was stagnating in disrepair, Daniel learned enough of Pelorian liturgy to serve as an unofficial chaplain: performing marriages, bringing comfort to the sick, blessing livestock, etc.

After Les Cinq took over, Daniel became Clement’s assistant and supervised the renovation of the small ecumenical shrine on the island. Brother Clement and he became fast friends.

Daniel recently demonstrated his bravery by volunteering to investigate a mysterious intruder to the island (who turned out to be Paljaksu). Since El Cid was incapacitated, there was no one else to help. The lad got himself kidnapped for his trouble — no good deed goes unpunished. Fortunately for Daniel, though, Paljaksu turned out to be benevolent and merely had a message for the party.


Daniel Wood

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