Trevethian Island is a small (approx. 4 miles by 2) island 2 miles off the coast of Melvaunt and within its sphere of influence.

Aladin Jahara, the hereditary Squire of Trevethian, was ousted and executed 12 years ago for acts of piracy and rapine. Most of his organization was either executed or jailed, but his 12 year old son was deemed too young to have taken part in the dreadful activities of his father and was sent to a school for orphans run by the Order of St Cuthbert in the town of St Cuthbert 300 miles east at the border of Brestelcia.

Legend has it that 4 sister witches ruled Trevethian and parts of the mainland centuries ago. After a particularly heinous act or cruelty the population rose up and drowned the sisters in what is now known as Witch Pond. It is said to be haunted. The 4 outcroppings/ islands on the south coast are named after the sisters. One of the outcroppings contains a very ancient ruined tower.

After a period of benign neglect by the city, the adventurers known as Les Cinq were ennobled and placed in charge of the island. While day to day administration falls to the Pelorian cleric Brother Clement in his capacity as official steward, the key decisions are made jointly by the nobles, and indeed each of the five has made his or her will keenly felt in shaping the Island’s development.

  • Two woods. Black Woods to the west contains an abandoned shrine to Obad-Hai.
  • Moorlands between them, used to graze sheep.
  • Spine Pond lies below the cliff behind the village.
  • Population: 244
  • Main Industry: Red Herring Fishing and export. Trevethian’s success with their red herring industry inspired the City of Melvaunt when they conquered the evil forces at Zhentarim Keep. Businessmen with connections to the Bruil, Leirayghon, and Nanther families have created a new red herring factory there, which competes with our local industry, much to their annoyance. There is a small salt drying basin providing salt for the red herring packing shed. Red Herring is also smoked and packed in imported oil (considered a delicacy in Schaukel).
  • Good farmland (protected from ocean storms by the southern cliffs).
  • It is suspected that SMUGGLING might happen through Trevethian.
  • main village: Trevethian, with harbor and docks
  • fishing village: ‘Sconset (seasonal)
  • Farms: five 12-acre farms, four 6-acre farms
  • 17 fishing families. 11 live in town, 6 live along the northern beaches.
  • Craftspeople include a smith, 2 coopers, a weaver, and a salter (of herring.)
  • Dry Goods Store
  • Ship’s Chandler
  • Schoolhouse (ages 4-10)
  • Tiny ecumenical temple, staffed by Daniel Wood
  • Miller
  • Boatwright
  • Baker
  • Fish packing plant – Owner (wealthiest family in town). There is also a foreman.


  • The Unicorn’s Beard (Disused, owned by the widow Sharkey – Sharkey was executed as a pirate). There is a rumor that Tegan Ashmara intends to revive this tavern under new management.
  • The Lion’s Mane – was the pirates haunt, and a place of very ill repute. Stinky Stan, Owner

Note: Average yearly tithes to Leige Lord(s) – 415 GP

Current Staff Wages: El Cid 15GP per week, Molly 4 GP per week, Mrs. Bridges 1GP per week


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