To the Barons and Baronesses of Trevethian Island: TEGAN, Lady Ashmara, Brother CLEMENT of Brandon’s Bridge, and eminent adventurers MARIELLE, JUNO NIM, and BILLY BARTHOLEMIEUX

From: TOMNEIN, Abbot and Illuminatus Regnant of the Oghman Cathedral, City of Melvaunt, Diocese of Melvaunt


This morning, as I communed with Almighty Oghma, I learned of your recent victory over the evil gargoyle cleric Kraekulphyr and of Lady Tegan’s passing. I rejoice in the former and grieve over the latter, although I know her absence from life will be temporary.

Blessed Oghma had more to say concerning you, and He made His meaning quite plain. Events long foretold in cryptic prophecies are coming to pass. Our order has been tasked to aid you in ways we know to be vital, but whose rationale we are forbidden to reveal. Do not feel betrayed when we must inevitably deny certain requests you may have, and then follow it up the next day with lavish help and attention to a matter which may appear to you to be a trifle.

Today, you may think me a silly, impatient old man for fretting about your travels home. Marcus has brought you a mass teleport scroll to help you travel to Andros’ shop in Melvaunt, where Tegan’s resurrection can be facilitated. You must be in Melvaunt within two hours. Throughout the next month, you will profit by paying careful attention to time.


Tomnein of Pavane, V.S.


Rufusreich ClementDivine