10 Sunsebb 1391

Gracious and Most Valiant Cinq,

I write to you in haste, so please forgive the lack of flowery honorifics – I was never real good with them anyway. I’m a woman of action, and we need backup.

Yesterday morning, there was some sort of flash of light on the horizon, and then a mushroom cloud. It’s past Karrack’s Keep somewhere.

Hours later, two jötnaren (one of whom has come to you with this message) tore off the city gates and ran into the town square, causing panic among the citizenry. I’ll let him tell you his own story, but Marqvilla is freaking out. She’s been doing divinations, trying to get Ioun’s advice. She thinks this might be the end of the world. Also, do you know what a “polthanatrum” is?

Come quickly.

Orielle Bladeworthy, Duchess of Glasjenfrei


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