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Rufusreich is a large kingdom on the continent of Stralropa. Because of its large size, weak economy, and relatively sparse population, the human royal family and national armed forces have a tenuous grasp on power. Good and neutral nonhumans (dwarves, elves, etc.) participate in a confederation with the humans and allow the humans to take the lead in most military affairs. Because so much of the country is uninhabited, it’s much like the Wild West… and the forces of evil can flourish unchallenged if they take steps to keep their plans secret.

The most important citizens of Rufusreich (in the DMs’ not-so-humble opinions) are their premier adventuring party, Father Neil’s Party.

There is also a secondary party, Lady Nesta’s Party. Technically, they live in another kingdom on Stralropa called Cormyr.

Notable Cities, Settlements, and Locales:

  • Allacko
  • Brandon’s Bridge, a farming village at the edge of a forest.
  • Druidheim
  • Falcon’s Hollow
  • Glasjenfrei, a country to the north of Brestalcia
  • Glister, a town in the Thar about two days from Melvaunt
  • Gryth, a village about two days beyond Glister, where there is access to the underdark
  • Melvaunt, the principal port city of Brestalcia
  • Minauros (in the Nine Hells of Baator)
  • Pavane
  • Respite, a village deep in the woods where master healers reside.
  • Sheepston, a village three days march East of Brestalcia near the eastern mountains
  • Trevethian Island, home of Les Cinque, just off the coast, outside the Port of Melvaunt
  • Tulk City, the capital of Brestelcia
  • Xul-Jarak, the Orog fortress in the Thar.

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