Tegan –

Smart girl, refusing your little cleric’s proposal. If you start to feel some spark of maturity, some sense that you’re ready to assume the responsibilities of marriage, motherhood, and your proper role in House Ashmara – excuse me, I couldn’t suppress my laughter, but a noblewoman can hope, can’t she? – you MUST come to me for guidance. These things are delicate and far beyond your feeble intellect. You clearly have terrible taste in men. I mean, LOOK at him.

Until that day, I’m resigned to the fact that you’re going to gallivant around the kingdom, wielding your swords like some sort of idiot. I’ve taken precautions to make you barren so we won’t have any surprises.

And in case you get some romantic notion of defying me, I’ve recently made some new friends in the Nine Hells who are dying to make you a widow.

Your long-suffering



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