adventuring party

This adventuring party was formerly known as Father Neil’s party, as Fr. Neil is their sponsor and Clement’s mentor. Father Neil is dean of The Cathedral of The Shining One.

The party is now known as Les Cinq. It consists of:

  • Tegan Ashmara, a female human ranger. Usually fights with long and short sword ambidextrously or longbow.
  • Juno Nim, an elven rogue bowman. Prefers the bow but often uses a rapier.
  • Marielle, a half-elf sorceress who has an owl familiar, Copernicus. Can use a bow or rapier.
  • Brother Clement, a human cleric of Pelor. Uses Peri, an intelligent fireburst mace, or a crossbow.

All of our inventory is on the inventory page, including money, items in a bag of holding and two haversacks and items carried by individuals or left in our manor or with the Church of Pelor.

Notable Achievements The party has been involved in the following major adventures:

adventuring party

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