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  • adventuring party

    This adventuring party was formerly known as Father Neil's party, as Fr. Neil is their sponsor and Clement's mentor. Father Neil is dean of The Cathedral of The Shining One. The party is now known as *Les Cinq.* It consists of: * [[:tegan | …

  • we_need

    Here's a link back to the main inventory: [[inven | BAM!]] * *Regularly refresh:*
    * Clement: gems, powdered gems and incense for high level spells: _atonement_, _commune_, _restoration_, etc. ALSO, screaming bolts - DMG p. 189 * Juno/Tegan: * + …

  • Billy Bartholemieux

    The story of Lord William Bartholemieux, City Councilman: Billy Bartholemieux is not the name his family gave him. Oliver Henry was the eleventh child born to poor farmers, Maggie and Josiah Henry, in western Brestelcia, several days' journey inland. …

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