Trouble in Melvaunt

Father Neil’s party was approached by Truffles, Edgril and his ill-tempered but hot wife, Quervina, to help Edgril’s employer. After repelling an acid-breathing young green dragon, we accompanied Edgril to Melvaunt, where he currently resides with Quervina and the boar. Melvaunt is a major merchant city on the MoonSea. Its main rival, Mulmaster, sometimes sends assassins into Melvaunt.

Edgril’s employer, Woarsten Nanther, put the party up in the relatively lavish Crow’s Nest, where we stayed during the two or three days of our investigation.

We learned that the town government has recently been reorganized into a Council of Iron with 7 members. They include:

The Town Despot, who is the leader of the house of Marsk 1 member from each of the three most prominent houses: Bruil, Nanther and Leiyraghon. 1 from each of three guilds: Armorers, Weavers and Smiths

We learned that orcs have been kidnapping people in the Thar. The Thar is a wild area outside the gates of the city to the north, containing moors and swamps. We also learned that the Winter Ball was cancelled, and there is speculation that it was because one of the noble sons is missing.

Lord Woarsten Nanther offers us 1000 Platinum pieces for the safe return of his son.

Some information about the scion’s (transfer to their pages): Argens Bruil: a Paladin of Tyr; Bruil’s grandson. Lord Bruil’s son Halmath is the Keeper of the Keys. The bastard grandson has been made heir.

Kalman Leiyraghon: He has a drinking problem. He is the only one of the 5 missing nobles who is not immediate heir to his House. His family is unhelpful and rude – they are known to use a lot of magic items, and we suspect that at least some of them are rogues. His elder brother, Bremen (or possibly his father), tried to have us killed (see below).

Elaint Marsk: He is delicate in health and wears an Amulet of Health. He is having a relationship with Kara Calaudra.

Kara Calaudra: Has a Raven familiar named Esselios. Her family is all trained in magic use.

A search of each of their cribs revealed that they all had the same grey mud and thistles on their clothing.

House Natali has fallen on hard times. Lord Natali offered us 500 gp to prove his innocence in the disappearance of the youths. House Natali’s heir is crippled and feebleminded.

House Kannity has no blood heir, despite their happy and gay leader’s best efforts with his boytoys.

“Peri” the Mace led us to Lisette’s house. She is an old tarot card reader. While there, she was possessed by Pelor, and we received this prophecy:

“O City of stone, salt and gold. Your devourers await without. The Princely youths have blood so dear. Dear to parents but dearer to the dark. Heroes heed these words from above. The legend the ranger tells is true. The Thar will save the Thar. Through the flower of her knights; through the shining flowers.

Lisette’s son, Andros, runs a magic shop.

Temple of Tyr: Tyr is one of the new gods; very warlike. We learned from Father Jens that there are some Orc ruins 2 days north of the city. For 1000 years there was a Utopian society led by King Raburnum. Everyone lived in harmony until the orcs arrived. The King would shoot “shining flowers of gold” out of his hands. His marble castle was protected by a magical black fire.

Temple of Pelor: The friendly priest suggests that we will need silver or magic weapons in the Thar.

Temple of Oghma: God of Knowledge. There is a hidden chamber in the Orc ruins two days north of the city. We saw some Orc Tablets and artifacts some of which showed Orc erotic activities. The Cleric of Ogma gave us a map showing the road to the wild town of Glister; the GREY CITADEL OF XUL-JARAK lies off the road, two days to the north. There are many orc tribes and ruins dating from the era of orc dominance. The orcs seem to be getting more and more active, and are sometimes joined by ogres, etc.

Stables: We learned that Kalman Leiyraghon rented five horses and a pony. We soon learn that the pony was probably for Dorn Crownshield, a Dwarven fighter, who appears to have been a guide for the group of adventurers.

We found out that the group left by the north gate at midnight, a week ago.

We were ambushed in the streets by five thugs hired by the elder son of House Leiyraghon. They knew we were hired by Lord Nanther.


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