A tricksy captive.


Zethro was born into a family of djinni on the Elemental Plane of Air. Among his many siblings, he was always admired as “the smart one,” so perhaps it isn’t surprising that he chose to enter the al-Cirrozed Academy of Wizardry. He soon acquired a pygmy griffon familiar named Malarkey, and began filling his spellbook using the Academy’s libraries. Since djinni disdain physical combat, he and Malarkey were frequently drafted by the nobility to dispatch marauding monsters and protect the city. Zethro’s parents were proud, and a bright future seemed certain.

Until he vanished.

Zethro was summoned to the Prime Material Plane by the powerful drow wizard Nalamon, who forced him into an extended and cruel servitude. Fortunately for Zethro, at the moment of his summoning he had been armed for battle with a vengeful sphinx and therefore was carrying many potent magic items, such as a ring of detect thoughts, a ring of whispering wind, and a small bag of holding stocked with other goodies. In addition, although he was young and only boasted the powers of a 5th level wizard, Zethro is much smarter than Nalamon. He feels very confident that he will one day have his freedom and his revenge.

It pleased Zethro, recently, to facilitate the party’s safe passage into Eurypylus’s watery domain in exchange for a bribe. Zethro has been using the cash he has secretly amassed over the years to enact his escape plan.


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