Tordor the Dwarf

A recurring dwarf merchant.


Tordor is the leader of a group of merchants. They have traveled by sea from another continent to trade with the dwarven community at the Dwarven citadel southeast of Melvaunt. His settlement of dwarves consider themselves the world’s premier weaponsmiths, but they admit that Rufusreich’s best armorers are the dwarves from the citadel.

After Father Neil’s party passed the dwarves on the way to the Dwarven citadel, the signs and portents that they saw grew increasingly ominous. Conducting a divination, the dwarves’ priest was advised by Moradin that his party should avoid the citadel and go instead to Melvaunt. The danger ahead was too great.

Tordor has has traded with Andros for years and thinks well of him.

More recently, Father Neil’s party ran into Tordor in Melvaunt. They learned that Tordor is a) a roaring drunk, b) a huge fan of the party’s, and c) hostile to Despot Marsk and the rest of Melvaunt’s current political order (except Billy, of course).

Tordor the Dwarf

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