Know-It-All Abbot


Tomnein was born in Pavane, where he was the heir to the ducal throne. His noble family was shocked beyond measure when he took himself out of the line of succession to become a cleric of Oghma, a deity who was mostly unknown in Brestelcia and viewed with suspicion.

Tomnein rose rapidly in the ranks of the Oghman religion, and gained many converts in the Moonsea region. He was named Archbishop of Melvaunt four years ago.

During the party’s investigation into the missing scions of Melvaunt, Tomnein and his followers were great resources. Oddly, they treated information like money (Oghma is the god of knowledge, after all) and demanded the party turn over their “detective’s notebooks” to obtain a map leading to the citadel of Xul-Jarak.

Recently, Tomnein commissioned the party to capture one of the orogs who took over Glister—he didn’t care which. When the party returned with Dramuel in chains, they discovered the deal Tomnein had made with them had been co-opted by a committee organized at court. Tomnein and the Oghmans are doing research so that they can create octagonal jewels and Helms of Devotion for good temples throughout Brestelcia.


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