An orog who seemed to be "The Big Bad"


Thrull and his brethren are orogs from deep in the Underdark. Orogs are sort of primeval orcs, and vastly more powerful than surface orcs. At the behest of the female orc cleric Jurrg, Thrull came out from the Underdark to occupy Xul-Jarak. He was to have led an orc army, been anointed with the blood of the innocent in a ritual sacred to Gruumsh, and conquered Melvaunt.

But sometimes things don’t happen as planned, eh?

Thrull was killed within seconds of Father Neil’s party encountering him, thanks to a brilliant shot by Juno Nim with his precious arrow of slaying humanoid.

Luckily for dramatic license, the next “boss” was waiting in the wings: Quervina.


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