Snort, snort, grunt -- hey, how come I'm flying?


Snuffles looks like a large copper dragon, since he has been polymorphed.


Snuffles was born the youngest of a litter of six wild pigs who lived in the Thar just outside the northern gate of Melvaunt. His hobbies included mud baths and eating apples.

His simple life changed when he felt a sudden urge, one day, to run past the sleepy sentry at the gate and into the streets of Melvaunt. There she was – the new light of his life, Tegan Ashmara. As a sense of well-being and trust from Tegan’s spell of animal friendship suffused him, he knew he had found a companion he could follow to the ends of the earth.

Soon, it seemed, that’s just what he had to do! After a few days in the city, Tegan and her friends traveled out into the Thar. Tegan used her powers to speak with animals and told Snuffles not to worry, because her friend, the beautiful half-elf Marielle, was going to give him some magic to make him really big and strong.

Marielle, who smelled of gardenias, looked at Snuffles intently, and suddenly POOF—he felt … strange. Everyone looked very small, and snuffles felt clumsy; but he could fly, and he had hands, with claws! He doesn’t have all the abilities of a dragon, nor the hit points (more’s the pity.) But he enjoys flying, and he’s getting better at it. And he’s enjoyed the trip into the Thar! With the exception of that strange smell….


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