A scary orog who likes his bling.


Smeerdûk is an Orog cleric. His brother is Dramuel, and they had another brother, Thrull, who was killed twice by Father Neil’s party. Smeerdûk’s favorite spell is Divination, and he divines many times per day to try to find out what Father Neil’s party and others are up to. It gives him a nice tactical advantage, but will he need more than that? You decide!

Smeerdûk appears to be the ringleader of the Chosen Ones who have taken over Glister and, Father Neil’s party thinks, plans to try to take control of Melvaunt.

As if!


A baddie, who wears a mysterious golden helm that contains jewels, each of which holds one or more nasty magic spells. Is he the Big Bad, or merely a Big Bad?

It seems that both he and his brother Dramuel, who is his second-in-command, have both put out one of their eyes, and replaced them with large rubies. Surely this gesture demonstrates their fanatical devotion to Gruumsh.


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