Oreal Nanther

Teen ranger and aristocrat, scion of a Melvaunt ruling family


Oreal is the son of Woarsten Nanther, one of the richest and most powerful men in Melvaunt. His family is considered one of the three most powerful in the city; the others are the Leirayghons and the Bruils.

The party first encountered Oreal in the Sons of Gruumsh adventure.

Several months ago, Oreal and his friends formed an adventuring party. Perhaps they were motivated by adventure, as their lives as aristocrats who worked in their families’ trading ventures were surely quite dull. They united under the tutelage of the dwarf Dorn Crownshield, and began adventuring in the Thar.

They got in over their heads, and were captured by an orc party. Dorn was killed, and the five scions were taken to Xul-Jarak, where Thrull and his minions (and later Quervina and hers!) planned to sacrifice them in a blood ritual sacred to Gruumsh.

The party rescued them, and indeed Oreal helped the party in their second assault on the castle to free his friends.

Recently, with his father’s consent, Oreal has been continuing his training as a ranger. Tegan Ashmara has been a big help to the lad, helping him to hone his skills.

On several evenings at the bar, Brother Clement pulled Oreal aside, and they spent hours in urgent, hushed discussion. Clement later confessed to the party that he had confided in Oreal about his disturbing dreams. Why Oreal? Because a druid friend of Clement’s from Brandon’s Bridge also had had prophetic dreams. Clement thought his affliction might have something to do with nature and the fey, and he was apprehensive about telling Tegan Ashmara what was going on.

Oreal Nanther

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