Lady Nesta

The power behind the throne.


Lady Nesta is an elderly noblewoman in the city-state of Cormyr. She is a trusted advisor to King Seralle who has taken on jobs for the crown ranging from secretary of agriculture to secretary of the treasury (or their medieval equivalents.) She is firm, discerning, and no-nonsense.

Lady Nesta first hired the secondary party, out of her own pocket, to investigate certain courtiers’ strange behavior. Eventually, the party discovered that this was due to the actions of a courtier with wizardly powers who had become a vampire. During this adventure, the party impressed Nesta and the king, and have been favorites at court ever since.

Recently, Lady Nesta, Lord Pieter, and Lord Greystone have dispatched the party to investigate the tomb of a demilich named Acererak. Skeptical at first, Nesta has become convinced that the demilich lives, and that he will pose a threat to all of Cormyr.

Lady Nesta

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