Father Neil

Brother Clement's mentor, and the main party's benefactor


Neil was born in the logging town of Falcon’s Hollow, to a woman named Verushka and an unknown father. Verushka worked on the cleaning crew of a sawmill, but was still grindingly poor. To pay for the mounting debts associated with Neil’s care, she turned to prostitution to augment her income. Eventually, she moved in with a half-orc smuggler named Feng. Feng had many contacts with organized crime, and he beat both Verushka and little Neil frequently.

In Neil’s youth, he expressed his anger and despair by becoming a juvenile delinquent. He beat up smaller children, engaged in petty theft and vandalism, and occasionally worked as a courier for Feng and his mob contacts. One day, he got into a knife fight with a drunken lumberjack and was stabbed. He staggered out of the bar and fell into a snowbank, moaning as he bled to death. At once, a lantern archon named Nazia appeared. “Arise, o servant of the light,” she said to the stunned youth. “Arise, repent, and carry the Brightness to all nations.”

After a stint at the seminary, Neil joined a party of adventurers for several years and gained significant experience in combat. Eventually, he retired to Pavane, where he became the dean of The Cathedral of The Shining One, and a popular confessor to the nobility. He is also a busy administrator in the Church of Pelor, but he misses his adventuring days.

Neil met Clement while the latter was at seminary, and helped him found a hospital. This association served Neil well when Clement and his friends rescued Fr. Neil from kidnappers in Brandon’s Bridge.

Father Neil has been a sponsor and major benefactor of the party, giving them magical gifts and sending them on their second adventure in his hometown of Falcon’s Hollow. He even helped teleport Edgril to find them when Lord Nanther hired them to rescue the scions of Melvaunt.

Father Neil resides in Pavane, but travels far and wide.

Father Neil

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