Morning Glory Blade

A bard who perished in the Underdark


Morning Glory Blade was a ninth level half-elf bard. She was a mercenary and free-lancer for several good parties over the course of her life. Morning Glory Blade preferred the solitary and wandering life, however, and never formed strong bonds with a single party.

Recently, she was hired by the Church of Heironeous in Gryth, specifically Father Atticus, to travel into the Underdark and retrieve a powerful and mysterious rod. She joined a party of five or six led by the paladin Varshalla. During a battle with two colossal monstrous spiders, Morning Glory Blade died and the rest of the party was poisoned. Varshalla took a lock of her hair back to Gryth, but the clerics there were unable to restore her to life. This was mysterious.

A divination stated that she could not be raised because she is “full of hate”. We soon discovered why when we encountered her in the Underdark, where she had been transformed into a drider. She attacked the party using bardsongs and a necklace of fireballs, and we had to kill her and her four drider companions. We didn’t know her identity because Ruggiero was unconscious during this event, but he later identified her body.

Morning Glory Blade

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