Molly Quinn

A charming young lass.


5’ 9”, black hair, blue eyes and freckles.


Molly Quinn (25) grew up on her family’s farm at the far eastern end of Trevithian Island. She is the oldest of 5, with brothers Connor (24) and David (20) and twin sisters, Polly and Dolly (17). Her father, Paddy (52), was widowed young when his wife died during the birth of the twins. At the age of eight, Molly shouldered the resposibility of raising her younger siblings, but she has always longed for something more exciting. Now that Connor has married Sally Smith and installed her in the family home Molly can’t wait to spread her wings. Connor is running the farm with his father, David left for Melvaunt at 17 and is working for a merchant, while the girls work in the red herring packing shed during the season and would love to do something different.

Before the party’s arrival, the Island was a remote backwater, an impoverished place. Molly was devoted to her large family and was loath to try her fortune in Melvaunt proper, because she feared her family would not be able to fend for themselves without her wit and managerial genius. When the party took possession of the island, Molly convinced them to hire her as their first servant and their liaison to the villagers. She has found her new job extremely exciting and fulfilling.

Molly Quinn

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