An elderly woman in Melvaunt with psychic abilities.


Lisette is feisty and petite, with piercing hazel eyes and long grey hair.


Lisette is 70 years old and lives in the city of Melvaunt, in a tidy little townhouse. Lisette still has awesome psychic abilities, specifically precognition, and makes prophecies in poetic form. In her youth, she apparently led quite a wild life, consorting with adventurers and enjoying many romances.

About 50 years ago, she spent several weeks visiting the castle of a fighter who needed her advice to defeat a trio of demons. While at the castle, she dallied with Peri the Mace, who has never forgotten her.

In her twenties, Lisette moved to Melvaunt, where she dallied with several sailors and had four children, all by different fathers. Her sons, Andros and Nikolai, have achieved success as shopkeepers.

When the main adventuring party arrived in Melvaunt, Peri urged them to seek Lisette’s advice in their quest to rescue the scions of Melvaunt from the orcish citadel of Xul-Jarak. Lisette told them the legend of King Raburnum, and helped them meet the fairy king. His aid proved invaluable in defeating Thrull and his minions at the citadel.

Recently, Lisette fell into a coma from which she could not be awakened. Her affliction came upon her after she attempted to prophesy about Brother Clement‘s disturbing dreams. She lay in the intensive care unit at the Cathedral of the Shining One in Melvaunt for a week before waking. She described a mystical attack that kept her soul from returning to her body. She is consumed with guilt that she failed to warn the party about Clement’s kidnapping; they saved Nikolai from torture and certain death, but she failed the party in their hour of need!


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