King Raburnum


King Raburnum once ruled the lands encompassing Melvaunt and the Thar. He and his court of fae wielded awesome magic, and kept peace between all the races. After a cataclysm, about which little is known, he departed this plane of existence for another (think Avalon), in which he has eternal life.

Raburnum is associated with the color silver, and specifically with silver flowers. He used silver flowers to lead Tegan Ashmara, Juno Nim, Marielle, Billy Bartholomew, and Brother Clement to his tower in this other plane. After passing several tests involving Black Bones monsters, carved wooden bas-relief sentinels with eight arms, and riddles, the party proved themselves worthy of a private audience.

His magical powers are now diminished, and his ability to act in the Material Plane even more so. However, he interceded on the party’s behalf and was able to help them defeat Thrull and Quervina, each of whom reigned briefly over the orcish citadel at Xul-Jarak.

King Raburnum

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