Kara Calaudra

Young half-elf wizard and future bride.


Kara Calaudra is one of the scions of Melvaunt whom the party met during their third adventure.

Her family has been somewhat marginalized by their elven ancestry, and has never become a dominant player in the politics of Melvaunt. However, her family is quite wealthy and does have some influence in the city. Most Calaudras have some talent for and training in wizardry.

Kara and her friends were captured by orcs and would have been sacrificed in a ritual sacred to Gruumsh, had Father Neil’s party not intervened. Kara was one of the three scions who teleported away from the citadel with the party and helped to rescue her friends during the final battle with Quervina.

Kara is betrothed to Elaint Marsk. Her family, mindful of the Marsk family’s position within the city, supports this union. Kara and Elaint are looking forward to their wedding and can’t wait to invite the party to attend the ceremony.

Kara Calaudra

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