Kalman Leyraighon

Tortured teen sorcerer.


Kalman has had a traumatic life so far. Sole surviving heir to House Leirayghon, he spent most of his childhood in the shadow of his older brother Bremen. Bremen was groomed from birth to possess all the qualities their father Dornig believed a leader of House Leirayghon should have: audacity, easy cruelty, cunning, and ruthlessness. Bremen tormented Kalman mercilessly, and the sting of his taunting was enhanced by Dornig’s frustration that Kalman was too sweet to fight back. Indeed, he was and is absolutely clueless about people and how to deal with them: he has an extraordinarily high Charisma, but an extraordinarily low Wisdom. [Hot dumbass.]

Perhaps Dornig achieved his aims all too well. During the party’s third adventure, Bremen formed an alliance with Thrull and his orogs to let them into Melvaunt and install Bremen as local governor. This plan of course never came to pass.

Kalman was thrilled to be invited by Oreal Nanther to join the group of scions who adventured in the Thar. When the scions were kidnapped, Bremen worked hard to prevent Kalman’s rescue. The death of Kalman’s friends Elaint and Argens haunts him still, despite their eventual resurrection.

After Thrull and Quervina were defeated and the scions rescued, Bremen let the orogs into the Leirayghon banquet hall, and fought alongside them in a failed attempt to assassinate the party and his own father! This attempt, too, failed. Bremen is buried in the family vault.

Recently, Kalman has been sneaking around Melvaunt invisibly, trying to help the party by indirect means. For instance, he was responsible for the octagonal mandala graffito which adorned the building across from the Crow’s Nest, as well as the one which adorned House Marsk. Kalman was also present and invisible at the meeting at Le Bruit de Cochon, where he put himself in jeopardy to find Fr. Neil and fetch him to heal Clement during the cleric’s bout of madness.

He has just confessed to the party that he “sold his soul to the devil,” which he claims is the cause of Clement’s kidnapping.

Kalman Leyraighon

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