A former follower of Mandelbaum, now turned Hasidic freedom fighter


Gervais grew up in Tulk City, where he trained as a cleric of Yahweh. As a young man, he began to travel with Content Not Found: mandelbaum, one of Yahweh’s chosen paladins. He lived with Mandelbaum’s wife and child ( Content Not Found: varshalla and Content Not Found: ruggiero ) in their keep, and learned a great deal about adventuring in a short time.

Gervais was traveling with Mandelbaum when they went on their ill-fated quest to retrieve the alleged “Helm of Sunrise” in the Underdark. They were captured by Smeerdûk and his band. Mandelbaum was killed, and Gervais was sold into slavery to the United Peoples, an international organization in the Underdark which has jurisdiction over shared assets between the drow, duergar, and orogs, such as the pump room that supplies many communities with water.

He languished in servitude for several months before being liberated by Tegan, Juno Nim, Billy, Marielle and Samuel. He was last seen forming a band of freedom fighters with his fellow slaves. He hoped to fight his way back to the surface, revenging himself on Underdark denizens along the way. His fate is unknown.


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