Father Jens

Bearish, loveable cleric of Tyr in Melvaunt


The party first met Jens when they were seeking information about the disappearance of five noble scions in Melvaunt. Father Jens is the chief cleric at the Temple of Tyr, a Norse war god who has only recently gained worshipers in Melvaunt, and is therefore viewed with suspicion. After forming a trusting relationship with the party, Father Jens revealed to them that one of the missing youths, Argens Bruil, had been secretly training as a paladin of Tyr. As his mentor, Fr. Jens felt a special worry about Argens.

After the party rescued the scions from the tender mercies of Thrull and Quervina, Jens was horrified to learn that Argens had been killed in action and turned into a zombie. He asked the boy’s grandfather, Lord Vanth Bruil, if he could perform the resurrection himself. His offer was angrily refused. “You and your heathen god GOT him into this mess!” Lord Bruil screamed before closing the door in Jens’ face. In the months since Argens’ resurrection (at the good old family Temple of Pelor, by gum), Jens and Argens have succeeded in softening Lord Bruil’s position somewhat, although he remains wary.

Recently, Father Jens performed a divination concerning Argens and his future. He was unprepared for the shocking prophecy Tyr provided in return; he was particularly surprised when the war-god mentioned Tegan Ashmara and Brother Clement by name. Father Jens is currently embroiled in an adventure where he hopes to make that prophecy come true.


Father Jens

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