Elaint Marsk

Such a nice young cleric...


Elaint is the son of Peuter Marsk, the current Despot of Melvaunt. The Despot rules the city council, and this position adds to his family’s power. The Marsks have an import/export concern and are well-to-do, but do not have the wealth and influence of the major families of Melvaunt, therefore it is Peuter’s obsession to increase his family’s standing.

Elaint has become a cleric of Oghma, a god who values knowledge. The local temple of Oghma is governed by an abbot who is a former loremaster. He thinks about information like money—he hoards it and trades for it. The abbot excels at divination spells and is obsessed with secrets, prophecies, and research.

Elaint has been having a clandestine romance with Kara Calaudra, another member of the young adventuring party who began killing orcs in the Thar several months ago. Both families have become aware of this connection and have agreed to let the children marry. The Calaudras welcome the union, but the Marsks feel that House Calaudra is beneath them in status, and have only agreed grudgingly.

After being kidnapped by an orcish band and held prisoner by Thrull, Elaint and his friend Argens Bruil were the two scions who were left behind when King Raburnum rescued the party using teleportation; the fairy king’s powers could not handle nine people. Quervina’s neogi minions held Argens and Elaint down as she gleefully cut their hearts out of their chests. She raised both boys from the dead as zombies, and sent them against the party. The party were forced to kill them, cut off a finger from each, and have them resurrected weeks later.

Since this ordeal, Elaint has found solace in prayer, his bride-to-be, and his family. He has been thinking seriously about the future of House Marsk and House Calaudra—will they be swept aside by the fickle winds of commerce upon which the city of Melvaunt depends?

Elaint Marsk

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