Billy's foster father (see bio)


Dazzle was a human bard.


Not much is known about Dazzle’s early days, except for his legendary skill with the rapier and his native charm, that brought him success with audiences. He liked to tell suspenseful stories while juggling, and as he reached the word or phrase that resolved the plot, all his balls would hang in the air until the suspense was broken.

Dazzle met Billy Bartholemieux when the scrap of a half-elven lad joined the travelling troupe of jugglers and minstrels in which he was performing. He saw some talent in Billy and took a liking to him, teaching him reading, writing and figuring, music, juggling, tumbling, storytelling, and fighting.

Dazzle and Billy moved from troupe to troupe and from faire to faire. The road was their only constant companion, the paycheck they got at the end of every carnival their only friend, and Fharlaghn was their only god. As Dazzle grew older, his eyesight was failing, and he became arthritic and lost his skill with the rapier. Billy took care of old Dazzle, but the travelling life is hard, and one day the old man caught pneumonia – it wasn’t long before Billy buried him near a carnival grounds, right underneath the booth that had served the old carnie’s favorite caramel.


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