A confused druid, ally of the Monastery of Jade Harmony


Crusoe has five animal companions: hawks named Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Po, Laa-Laa, and … Irving. No, seriously Juno—what is the fifth hawk’s name?

Crusoe’s Wisdom is 16, hence he can cast 5/4/3/2 spells per day. (i.e. 5 0thlevel, 4 1st level, etc.)

Crusoe has the following scrolls:

  • scroll of clairvoyance/clairaudience (2)
  • scroll of scry (2)
  • scroll of detect thoughts
  • scroll of knock
  • scroll of identify (2)
  • scroll of augury
  • scroll of remove blindness/deafness
  • scroll of summon monster III (2)
  • scroll of righteous might

A crunchy, groovy, blithering IDIOT; but he has a nice disposition and is very helpful. Gotta remember to cast barkskin on himself, as the baddies tend to trund him.

Like, DUDES!! He totally hangs out in the woods and convo’s with the monks when he needs scrolls or, like, supplies.

Lisette had a vision about him, once. She foresaw him being stabbed by an exasperated elf rogue … a rogue about Juno’s height and build, now that I think about it….


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