Scourge of the dwarf citadel (deceased)


A mature adult red dragon.


Clytemptra was a red dragon who lived in the mountains far to the east of Melvaunt, near the dwarven citadel. She united evil races such as fire giants in an ongoing campaign to raid the dwarven citadel and other humanoid strongholds.

Gathering a huge army of evil giants, trolls, ettins and hellhounds over a dozen years ago, she attacked the citadel in an attempt to destroy it and take the dwarven treasures for herself. The dwarves detected the march of her army and were able to gather an emergency force of neighboring good races (elves, humans and halflings) to defend the citadel. The coalition, with superior magic available to it, managed to defeat and kill her, decimating and disbanding her army. Their victory was by no means assured—they were lucky to prevail. At the time of Clytemptra’s death, her son, Swarven, was only 12 years old – too young to fight in the battle.

The victory ushered in an age of peace and prosperity for the dwarves and their trading partners across the continent and beyond. That is, until now…. A new leader has arisen to unite the evil giants and their servants….


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