Cloud Giant Family

The party's allies against the fire giants.


Father Neil’s party first met the Cloud Giants on the road east of Melvaunt. The party was traveling east toward the druids’ grove in order to get Germanicus awakened, when the Cloud Giants appeared. The giants were traveling with haste toward Melvaunt to ask the Despot’s aid, but did not feel at liberty to say much about what trouble they were in.Brother Clement offered them his key to the city of Melvaunt, which the Despot had given each of the party members in thanks for rescuing his son from Xul-Jarak. The cloud giants had been unable to convince others of their kind (who are not numerous in the area) to assist them, and therefore they had decided to seek human assistance.

Days later, the Cloud Giant family met up with the party immediately after the party’s recon mission into the caves of the fire giants. They reported that they’d been unable to convince the Despot to send a Melvauntian militia to assist the Dwarven citatdel, as the Despot’s seers had (correctly) divined that it was too late to save the citadel, and the Despot was unwilling to risk troops to pursue the fire giant captors. However, the Despot was pleased that the giants were willing to work together with the party to try to free the Dwarven captives and so the City contributed some potent magic items that the party and the giants used in the great battle against Swarven and his minions.

This family consists of:

  • Cyrus, the father. He is a powerfully built cloud giant, with fine wispy white hair.
  • Headina, the mother. She has been trained as a cleric of Pelor, and is often lost in airy theological thoughts.
  • Storm, the teenaged son. He has a temper, and listens to the medieval equivalent of death metal.
  • Narya, the ‘tween daughter. Known for her sunny disposition, her countenance betrays nary a hint of doubt or trouble.
  • Seeda, the youngest daughter. A clever child, during a recent drought she was heard musing about whether it was possible to ask the nearby druid tribe to summon some rain.

It has been suggested that the family’s names are puns – SLANDER!

Cloud Giant Family

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