Brother Clement

A gentle warrior for Pelor


Clement’s standard prepared spells are available on my Gmail account, both in Word and a text e-mail. Search for “Clement’s Prepared Spells.”

There is also an e-mail including stats for a celestial lion. Maybe more to come…

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Clement was born in the town of Brandon’s Bridge. He was the fifth of seven children born to Viscount Ludovic and his wife, Selena. The heyday of this nominally noble family passed long ago, and his parents were reduced to overseeing their small dairy farm outside of town, speculating in antiquities, and selling preserves and chutneys Selena made with her servants. His parents were proud and a bit relieved when Clement announced his intention to enter the Pelorian seminary in Pavane – one less mouth to feed! Indeed, their burden was doubly eased when Clement’s twin brother, Samuel, chose to join him at the seminary.

Ludovic and Selena’s children, in birth order, are:

  • Pia
  • Innocent (male)
  • Benedictine
  • Jeanne-Paulette
  • Clement and Samuel (twins)
  • Urbana

As a young student in Pavane, Clement was widely respected for creating a small hospital to tend indigent members of minority races (halflings, elves, etc.) He was introduced to wealthy donors in the city by his mentor, Father Neil, who took a shine to the earnest lad. Never much of a scholar, Clement nonetheless succeeded at writing an intriguing thesis in which he pointed out parallels between “The Parable of the Hungry Man” and a similar legend in Oghman tradition.

After graduating, Clement worked as the chaplain of a small shipping concern based in Pavane. This part-time job consisted mainly of healing and hearing sailors’ somewhat racy confessions (many spoke of infidelities with a lusty female ranger ), although occasionally Clement was sent on missions, where he got to wield a mace. The ability to travel and see bigger cities was exotic for this rural lad, and his ingratiating manner and noble connections allowed him access to the most exclusive parties. Over several years, he advanced to second level.

The owner of the shipping company, a crotchety female dwarf named Bruzkarta, called him into her office one day. She introduced him to a high-ranking cleric of Pelor named Graaven, who had come with some bad news: his mentor and good friend from seminary, Father Neil, had been kidnapped! Clement was immediately dispatched to his hometown of Brandon’s Bridge, where Fr. Neil had last been seen. Graaven performed a divination, and was advised that the cleric would meet up with an old friend there who would help him in his rescue quest.

While in Brandon’s Bridge, he met up with three companions: the sorceress Marielle, the rogue Juno Nim, and wonder of wonders, an old friend who’d amused him while he was on a mission in Tulk City: the ranger Tegan Ashmara. She was happy to be of service to her fellow misfit noble. Together, they rescued Fr. Neil from a band of wicked and resourceful thieves, and were rewarded. The party chose to remain together, later inviting a bard named Billy Bartholomew to join them. After introducing the party to Billy, Fr. Neil rewarded the adventurers with magical items, including Content Not Found: peri_mace, an intelligent weapon that Clement still wields.

Br. Clement is a member of the main adventuring party; see the wiki for more information about his exploits.

Clement has recently undergone a major ordeal. He was driven mad by a mind flayer named Dendritius (a.k.a Ishmael and Queequeg), and subsequently kidnapped. Dendritius spirited him away to the Nine Hells, where he tortured him to further confuse his mind. Dendritius dropped Clement in the lair of the aboleth Eurypylus, using the cleric as bait to draw the party into battle with the aboleth. Although Brother Clement recovered his sanity, he was physically altered by the ordeal: his red hair turned coal-black, and unearthly black claw marks appeared down his right leg — a sort of diabolical tattoo. Furthermore, he continues to be haunted by nightmares. Billy Bartholemieux has been his main source of emotional support as he struggles with his post-traumatic stress.

Brother Clement

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