Branwen Ashmara

Tegan's not-so-sainted mother.


Branwen has the sort of slim, blonde, high-cheekboned intensity that both excites and baffles those she meets. Her intentions are opaque, while her icy stare exudes confidence.

Branwen’s Intelligence is 20, due to the headband of intellect she wears. This means that she can cast the following spells each day (including bonuses):
4/5/5/5/4/4/2 (i.e. 4 0th, 5 1st, 5 2nd etc)

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Branwen’s Spellbook:

0th level (All Spells)

1st level
  • magic missile
  • enlarge
  • expeditious retreat
  • identify
  • mount
  • ray of enfeeblement
  • mage armor

    2nd level
  • Tasha’s hideous laughter
  • daylight
  • cat’s grace
  • detect thoughts
  • sleep

    3rd level
  • invisibility sphere
  • water breathing
  • fireball
  • major image
  • Leomund’s tiny hut
  • magic circle against chaos

    4th level
  • wall of ice
  • phantasmal killer
  • stoneskin
  • Evard’s black tentacles
  • Shout
  • Fear

    5th level
  • Mordekainen’s faithful hound
  • Contact other plane
  • Teleport
  • Summon monster V

    6th level
  • Mass haste
  • Geas/quest

    Branwen also carries the following items:
  • quarterstaff
  • MW light crossbow and MW bolts
  • potion of cat’s grace
  • potions of CLW (2)
  • potions of CSW (2)
  • wand of Melf’s acid arrow (20 charges)
  • ring of protection +2
  • scrolls of improved invisibility (2)
  • scroll of fly
  • scroll of polymorph self (7th level caster)
  • scroll of bull’s strength
  • wand of summon monster II (31 charges)
  • headband of intellect +2
  • bracers of armor +3
  • dagger
  • 2 tanglefoot bags
  • rations

    Branwen has the following stats:
    HP 48, AC 17, Init +7, Attacks +6/+1 melee, +10/+5 ranged, Concentration +16, Alchemy +13,

Branwen’s familiar is a viper named Alecto. Its stats are:
HP 24, AC 18, Atk +5 melee (bite, 1d4-2 and poison), Speed 15’/climb 15’/swim 15’. SA Poison DC 11, Initial & secondary damage 1d6 Con; SQ Scent, grants Alertness, improved evasion, share spells, empathic link, deliver touch spells, speaks w/ mistress & animals of its type, SR 17.


Lady Branwen is a wizardess and now the head of her powerful clan. She lusts after prestige and power. Her stubbornness is matched by that of her daughter, and she has been forced to use guile and threats in order to bend Tegan to her will.

Branwen’s earliest memories were of the newly purchased Ashmara estate in Tulk City. As a toddler, she was prone to hysterical crying jags, which would only cease when she donned a sheaf of diamond necklaces and hid herself in a fort made with “The Unicorn in Captivity,” (see) a priceless Ehlonnan tapestry and her grandfather Vanthrick’s prized possession. The household staff soon learned to indulge her in this.

Branwen was sent away to an exclusive boarding school in the Confederation of Greater Kiefensvaal, where the other teenagers mocked and isolated her; they disliked her (one wonders why?) and doubted her powerful wizard grandfather’s claim to be the long-lost heir of Ash and Mara, the mythic founders of Tulk City.

After graduating, Branwen returned to Tulk City to live on her family’s estate. She involved herself in court intrigue, but was gone for months at a time. She offered no explanation for her absences. Her power, both political and wizardly, grew year by year, and she amassed a spellbook that was the envy of many.

Much can be learned about Branwen’s middle years by consulting the biography of her daughter Tegan Ashmara.

Recently, Branwen traveled to Melvaunt in disguise. She bore with her a letter from the Crown entitling her to crash an important meeting where some nobles were discussing the eventual fate of the Helm of Devotion that Smeerdûk had wielded and the party’s growing political power. She spoke on Tegan’s behalf, advocating not for what Tegan really wanted, but what Branwen thought her headstrong daughter SHOULD want. Surprisingly, this turned out rather well. Thanks to Branwen’s political machinations, the members of the party were ennobled and given a small fief, Trevethian Island, to govern.

Branwen still resides on the Ashmara estate in Tulk City. Because the Ashmara power has traditionally passed through the female line, she still hatches schemes to mold Tegan into what she would consider a fit successor. Because she has mellowed, and because she was pleasantly surprised at Tegan’s capabilities during the Battle of Glister, her schemes now center on making Tegan indispensable to the royal family by merit of her fighting prowess. She believes that Jacob and Seth will one day convince Tegan to make peace with the Ashmaras.

Branwen Ashmara

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