Argens Bruil

Teenaged paladin (don't tell Granddad!)


The Bruil family is one of the three dominant families in Melvaunt; the others are the Nanthers and the Leirayghons. Argens’ grandfather, Vanth, is the current patriarch. For years, Vanth had designated his son, Halmath, as heir to House Bruil. But Vanth and Halmath had a major falling-out, and Halmath was disowned. Halmath has since become the Lord of Keys (roughly equivalent to police commissioner.) Argens is Vanth’s illegitimate grandson.

Prior to the events in the party’s third adventure, Argens began to have dreams about marching to a grand battle, bathed in a blinding light. He soon discovered that the god Tyr had chosen him to be a paladin, and began training in secret at the local temple.

After being kidnapped by an orcish band and held prisoner by Thrull, Argens and his friend Elaint Marsk were the two scions who were left behind when King Raburnum rescued the party using teleportation; the fairy king’s powers could not handle nine people. Quervina’s neogi minions held Argens and Elaint down as she gleefully cut their hearts out of their chests. She raised both boys from the dead as zombies, and sent them against the party. The party was forced to kill them, cut off a finger from each, and bring the fingers back to town to aid in resurrection.

After the adventure, Argens was resurrected in the temple of Tyr. He tearfully confessed his secret adventuring activities to his stricken grandfather, and begged him for permission to keep serving Tyr as a holy champion. So far, Vanth has forbidden Argens to leave the city, but the two have begun to attend services together at the temple of Tyr, and discuss the matter daily.

Since his resurrection, Argens has been plagued by nightmares and panic attacks—he keeps imagining that Quervina has returned from the dead, since he heard that Gruumsh once raised her as a wight. He feels tremendous guilt for having failed Tyr and the other scions in battle.

Argens Bruil

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