A wealthy shopkeeper in Melvaunt


Andros is the son of Lisette and older brother of Nikolai. He runs a successful general store in Melvaunt.

Nikolai and Andros have an intense rivalry. While Andros has the better head for business and has developed lucrative contacts among the merchants and importers of Melvaunt, Nikolai is well known to be smarter and more imaginative.

Andros and Nikolai have not spoke in three years, because Nikolai has refused to give Andros access to a wizard supplier named Amah. Amah has crafted over thirty magical rings, called the Rings of Amah Zondahtkom, which allow the bearer to trade with Nikolai’s store over great distances. The rings teleport payment to Nikolai, and teleport goods back to the customer. In fact, several merchants in Melvaunt have bought these rings home, which has fostered competition between the brothers, driving prices down. The rings, however, are fragile and unreliable, necessitating frequent trips to Glister to buy new ones. Nikolai and Amah are working to improve them.

Andros, however, has achieved much greater success in business. He carries goods crafted by the clan of Tordor the Dwarf as well as goods made at the dwarven citadel. His name is known as far away as Pavane, where he corresponded with Clement’s boss.


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