Family is a Headache

Melvaunt events; Recap 1/2 for July 10th.

  • Billy, Juno, and Clement woke up early to sort through their massive amounts of swag and gold. Using the ring of Amah Zandatkahm, they sold the magic items to Andros and made their swanky new purchases, including a rod of the python for Tegan, some gloves of greater slingshottery for Billy, and other exciting goodies.
  • Tegan and Marielle were exhausted – they’d been up all night discussing Clement’s proposal. Girl talk was such fun. As Tegan’s eyes fluttered open, she saw a flash of fire at the foot of the bed. Mother’s style, she thought wearily. She pulled aside the slightly singed bedclothes to reveal a letter.
  • Tegan was furious and stormed down to the breakfast table. She announced to a goggle-eyed Clement that she’d changed her mind and they would be married TODAY. [Ed. Spite is a fantastic motivator.] Molly whistled to herself knowingly as she helped the noble lords clear the treasure off the table; Lady Tegan didn’t seem like the typical excited young bride, but the two were a cute couple nonetheless.
  • Soon Andros arrived with his ailing mother Lisette, who wore an eyepatch and one black glove. Over breakfast, she described the unrelenting, splitting headaches she’d been suffering, which healing magic couldn’t touch. Brother Clement stepped forward eagerly, allowing that his healing skills were second to none – but was interrupted by Lisette, who snapped at him, saying “You think you’re so good at it, Clement, but you’re NOT. Sometimes you’re bad.” The cleric was gobsmacked and gave Marielle a quizzical look. “Now, Billy,” cooed Lisette, removing her glove and eyepatch. “You cast cure light wounds marvellously, don’t you?” The seer explained that she believed that relief could be obtained if Clement and Billy cast healing spells simultaneously, each holding one of her hands. They agreed to her request, and said the incantation…
  • When suddenly, Lisette’s mouth opened and milky ectoplasmic smoke issued forth! The elderly woman sank to the ground and Andros leapt to her aid. The smoke resolved into the slightly translucent image of a beautiful young woman in armor which was adorned with the image of a scroll. She motioned to the adventurers beseechingly, and then lunged at Marielle, kissing her passionately on the lips. The sorceress passed out, and Ruggiero noticed that her lips had turned metallic silver at the contact!
  • This was too much for Tegan, who drew her ghost touch sword and wounded the apparition. But her fianc√© had a slightly different approach, and cast ethereal jaunt. Upon arriving in the ethereal realm, he found that the “ghost” (?) was ready to talk and claimed to mean them no harm. She said that she had come to fulfill a mission, and that it would be easier to possess one of them in order to do it. An augury confirmed that this was a good idea. The priest dropped back into the material plane and relayed all this to the assembled company.
  • Soon, Billy felt a strange sensation, as if something was poking at his mind. He succumbed to this and allowed himself to be possessed by the spirit. Using Billy’s mellifluous baritone, she introduced herself as “Rana of Gryth.” “Rana?” asked Juno Nim. “Any relation to Sister Rana of the Oghman temple?” The spirit pursed her lips. “My mission is secret,” she said. “I can only give you my name and tell you what I have to do.”
  • Rana of Gryth explained that she had been sent here to anoint three of Les Cinq. “I take it that Billy isn’t one of the three,” said Tegan. “Nor are you, Lady Tegan. It is a kindness. You couldn’t bear it.” As Tegan pondered that, the spirit continued her speech. “I have anointed Marielle for speech. I must anoint Lord Juno for alliance.” She reached out and touched Juno Nim’s wrist, leaving metallic silver fingerprints where she touched. “And, I’m sorry, Brother Clement, but yours will hurt. I must anoint you for battle.” With that, she plunged her nails into Clement’s temple, drawing blood and leaving a silvery scar. “Thank you for allowing me this,” she said sadly. “These anointings are a fail-safe which I hope will never be necessary. I wish you every good hope.” Billy fell into a faint—and when he woke he was himself again.
  • Les Cinq found this event to be very odd, and they were eager to begin investigating. They packed all of their supplies and friends into the Logos Bird and set out for Melvaunt. Crusoe asked if he could be left there—he needed to get back to the Monastery of Jade Harmony. Paljaksu was excited that they were soon to leave for St. Ingrid; he yearned to know the fate of his fellow j√∂tnaren.
  • To be continued.



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