Hi. Welcome to Rufusreich!

This is the home page of our New York City-based gaming group.

The best place to start is the wiki tab above.

To see the party, check out the links on the right. We have two parties.

To read our blog, check out the Adventure Log tab.

To learn more about our NPCs, um, yeah. It’s a tab, duh.

Here is a link to the main party’s inventory, which includes our treasure.

Click here to see our house rules, i.e. where the three DMs have interpreted the D&D rules or even altered them.

Here is a page for open questions. These are things we don’t know, such as:

  • Rules we don’t understand fully—these remind us to research them and make a ruling
  • Questions specific to our plot or actions, e.g “Did we ask the gnome about the map we’re looking for or not? I can’t remember.” or “Didn’t we use up all the gaseous form scrolls?” or “Where did the fire giants get that magic ring? I think it’s a clue.”

Note: Because we are busy working people in our thirties, we most often synthesize published material and only rarely write original material. If you’re familiar with Forgotten Realms or other published D&D stuff, don’t be surprised to see familiar names and concepts here in an altered form. It’s, um, an ’’hommage’’.

Second Note: To preserve our privacy, we refer to our real life selves here by our primary character names. I’m Clement, our usual DM. Nice to meet you. It’s usually easy to tell from the context whether we’re referring to our characters or our real-life selves. Sometimes these go together, and sometimes they don’t. For instance, on some occasions I’ve played Xilaphor or Billy Bartholomieux. Billy’s usual player sometimes DMs and is referred to as DM Billy.


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